Orca M75 Torch w/ 3 Tips and Hose

An economical answer to your soldering needs!
Works without bottled oxygen. Simply draws from the air that surrounds us.
Offers flame versatility with its three interchangeable tips.

The gas outlet regulator is not included, as the one used in Brazil (country of origin of the torch) is not valid for Portugal.

Its 1.5 meter hose is approved according to current regulations.

  • Model M75
  • Tips diameter: 2mm / 2.6mm / 3.8mm
  • Maximum temperature: 1250 - 1300 ° C
  • LPG Gas (Liquefied Petroleum Gas): Butane or Propane
  • Availability: Pre-order
  • Model: SOL004
  • Brand: Orca