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Joint for Orca Hose (SOL072)

Hose joint compatible with the range of torches of the Orca brand.
0.20€  Inc Tax

Orca M75 Torch w/ 3 Tips (SOL005)

The Orca M75 torch is a compact torch that is easy to use and completely safe to use, especially recommended for welding jobs. The high precision of your regulator and gas injector provides softer or more intense flames as needed, without oscillations.

Its structure consists of a base body, three nozzles of different sizes (small, medium and large) and a screw connection valid for free exit, both gas camping and butane (orange). The handle is made of bakelite, offering great ergonomics and thermal insulation.

It works only with the pressure of the gas bottle, connecting to the free outlet regulator to the bottle of butane or propane gas and does not require bellows or compressed air. The gas outlet regulator is not included, since the one used in Brazil (country of origin of the torch) is not valid for Spain.

It also includes three nozzles of different sizes that allow us to make a wide range of jobs ranging from high precision welding to the casting of small quantities of metals. Its hose of 1.5 meters is homologated according to the regulations vi-people.

Model M75
Nozzle diameter: 2 mm / 2.6 mm / 3.8 mm
Maximum temperature: 1250 - 1300 ºC
LPG gas (liquefied petroleum gas): Butane or Propane
Fitted hose and gas outlet regulator not included.
149.10€  Inc Tax

F70 Bunsen Burner (SOL009)

The butane gas Bunsen burner is a perfect equipment to work at high temperatures, especially in laboratories and workshops. It has a nozzle and adjustable air passage, as well as 180 degree free rotation to work in different positions.

Total height: 110 mm
Base dimensions: 70 x 70 mm
1200 ° C flame
LPG gas (liquefied petroleum gas): Butane or Propane
Gas outlet regulator and hose not included.
86.35€  Inc Tax

Medium Nozzle For Orca Torch (SOL080)

Medium nozzle 2.6 mm in diameter for use with the range of torches of the Orca brand.
31.35€  Inc Tax

Large Nozzle For Orca Torch (SOL079)

Large 3.8 mm diameter nozzle for use with the range of torches of the Orca brand.
39.90€  Inc Tax

Small Nozzle For Orca Torch (SOL081)

Small 2 mm diameter nozzle for use with the range of torches of the Orca brand.
22.15€  Inc Tax

Orca Hose (FUN187)

Fitted hose approved according to current regulations with a length of 1.5 meters. Compatible with the Orca brand range of torches.
26.19€  Inc Tax

Orca M81 Gas and Air Torch (FUN044)

The Orca M81 torch has a robust constitution and perfect operation, being the largest torch of the brand.
Especially indicated for the casting of noble metals and the annealing of parts.

Its structure consists of a base body, two interchangeable nozzles (large and small), two hoses and a fitting with a valid thread for free outlet, both for camping gas and ordinary butane cylinder (orange).
The handle is made of Bakelite, which prevents excessive heating allowing its use for prolonged periods of time.

It also includes two nozzles patented by the brand, which provide a concentric flame of excellent thermal value.
Hoses connect to the torch body, including a quarter-pin air terminal and a swivel gas terminal.
The latter prevents the hoses from kinking during assembly.

Its use is proper for bottled gas and air compressor.

Model M81
Nozzle diameter: 3.5mm / 4.5mm
Flame range: 95mm / 100mm
Gas consumption: 100 gr / h / 120 gr / h
Maximum temperature: 1300/1350 ºC
Air pressure: 0.5-2.0 bar
LPG gas (liquefied petroleum gas): Butane or Propane
Air compressor
Gas outlet regulator not included
328.10€  Inc Tax

Orca MP99 Hobby Torch (SOL006)

This torch, portable and rechargeable with lighter gas, brings a new concept for people who like a practical tool for use at home or at work.

It is suitable for use in small repairs and welding.

Nozzle diameter: 2mm / 2.6mm / 3.8mm
Maximum temperature: 1250 - 1300 ° C
Autonomy of use: 40-120 minutes
Tank diameter: 32mm
Overall length: 200mm
Refillable with standard gas bottle for lighters.
Portable and easy to carry
Efficient - Economic
Easy to use
146.00€  Inc Tax