Warranty / Returns

We inform our customers that all of our products have a two-year warranty. To proceed with the guarantee or the customer, you must present a guarantee / warranty statement. From that moment, we will proceed with the collection of the article, its recovery or replacement within a maximum period of 30 days, free of charge for the client, since the use of the equipment is not verified.

Note: according or article 921 nº 2 of the Civil Code, when or article sold for professional use, is acquired by collective or singular weight, or warranty period of 6 months after the month of payment.

We purchase products by online sale, or customer for 14 days, after receiving the item, to cancel the purchase and make a refund of the item, without any justification. The content or article must be semi-used for use in the original packaging, which must not be damaged. We support your customer's return. Upon receipt of the product at headquarters, we will refund the money, cash on delivery or bank transfer, maximum 72 hours.

In cases of non-conformity of the article, the customer has 15 days to inform us and proceed to return it, being paid for by us. In these situations, it is up to the customer to decide whether to replace the purchase or return the purchase.