Sirio 750-L Oven

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The 750-L Series oven is an electronic control unit with micro processes and permanent memory.
It is capable of memorizing up to 7 cycles or preheating programs that are stored in the memory until the operator decides to modify them.
Each program contains 4 ramps and for each ramp it is possible to configure up to 3 variables: temperature, rate of increase and maintenance time.

It allows us to program the ignition delay and the extinguishing temperature of the smoke suction fan.
In addition, it is possible to establish a time of maintenance of the final temperature at the end of the cycle, in this way the cylinders are maintained at a certain temperature.

This oven comes in three different versions depending on the size: S, M and L.

Dimensions: 420 x 530 x 520 mm
Dimensions of the camera: 230 x 300 x 150 mm
Weight: 45 kg
Maximum temperature: 1100ºC
Power supply: 230V - 50/60 Hz
Power: 2800W
Approximate capacity of cylinders (model 3X): 30 cylinders of 45 mm of diameter x 55 mm
Programs: 15
Phases: 6
Quick programs: 5
  • Availability: Pre-order
  • Model: FUN011
  • Brand: SIRIO

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