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Vacuum Casting Machine (FUN006)

Vacuum and casting machine with assembled melting furnace. This machine combines two functions in the same body: on the one hand it performs the casting for microfusion and on the other it allows metal to be melted. The casting of the molten metal is produced simply by operating a lever, in this way avoiding the manipulation of the red-hot crucible and making the pouring manually, with the dangers that this action can entail.

Vacuum Cylinder Filling:
Maximum chamber size: 125mm diameter x 200mm
Vacuum pump with oil bath. Absorption: 8m3 / h
Voltage: 220V
Power: 1/2 CV

Vacuum Casting:
Maximum cylinder capacity: 90 mm diameter x 140 mm
Interchangeable discs for different cylinder diameters

Bottom Casting Melting Furnace:
Maximum crucible capacity: 2 kg gold / 1 kg brass
Mechanical opening of the shutter that allows the exit of the molten metal
Voltage: 220V
Power: 1200W
4,338.00€  Inc Tax

Desktop Vacuum Pump (FUN013)

Romar brand microfusion vacuum pump for preparing coatings for microfusion cylinders.
High-performance vacuum pump with vanes in an oil bath, perfectly sized according to the size of the vacuum chamber, guaranteeing optimum performance.

Voltage (single phase): 220 V
Vacuum pump: 7.9 m3
Camera dimensions: 220 mm diameter x 190 mm
Weight: 22kg
Dimensions: 550 x 410 x 350 mm
2,323.20€  Inc Tax