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Diamond Mate-A Diamond Tester (GEM006)
Diamond Mate-A incorporates the latest technology of thermal conduction identification systems. Quickly identify the authentic Diamond of your most popular imitations, such as Zirconia, Zircon, Sapphire, Corundum, etc.

Its retractable thermoelectric probe tip ensures a constant pressure against the gemstone during the test in order to obtain more reliable results. With a probe tip size of 0.6 mm, it is capable of testing diamonds as small as 0.02 ct.

The results of the test are indicated instantaneously by a LED light and a continuous audible beep.

Retractable thermoelectric probe tip for greater accuracy The thinnest probe tip in the industry (0.6 mm) No waiting time between tests Easy to read LED display Continuous beep in diamond detection Permanent beep in metal detection Low battery consumption

Check the authenticity of the diamonds instantly Test both polished and unpolished gemstones Lightweight and portable for added comfort Equipped with protective case
187.60€  Inc Tax
Presidium Diamond and Stone Gauge (GEM005)

This dual-face Presidium® stone gauge accurately measures loose or set stones—even those with deep girdles or set in deep mountings.
An easy-to-read dial gauge displays the conversion of millimeters and carats, and the gauge includes a jewelry attachment for measuring stone depth.
A protective case is included.


Brand : Presidium
Accuracy : 0.1mm
Range : 0–23mm
Modes : Carat, Millimeter
Country of origin : Thailand
349.70€  Inc Tax
Presidium Multi Tester III (GEM002)
Testador Multi Tester III da Presidium.


Retractable thermoelectric probe tip for accuracy
Industry's thinnest probe tip (0.6 mm)
No waiting time between tests
180° multi-display LED screen
International voltage compatibility
low battery consumption

Identify metals, diamonds and moissanites instantly
Lightweight and portable for comfort
Equipped with protective case
410.30€  Inc Tax
Presidium Gem Computer Gauge (GEM001)
The digital Leveridge caliber measures the dimensions and calculates the weight of loose and assembled gems with great precision. It also allows a direct estimate of the weight of 74 gems among a range of 9 popular sizes, which offers users the convenience of not having to disassemble their pieces of jewelry

Thanks to the included interface, the stone measurement records can be easily imported and printed. It also comes with a CD-Rom with an extensive table that lists the specific weight and refractive index of the 133 most common gems on the market for quick reference.

Dimensions: 97 x 61 x 16 mm
Weight without batteries: 120 gr
Batteries: 1 x 3V
Automatically turns off when idle for 10 minutes
Computer interface with CD and USB connectivity

Direct carat conversion for round brilliant-cut diamonds No need to disassemble the gemstone to weigh its carat weight PC connectivity to provide information on measurement results Lightweight and portable for comfort
599.00€  Inc Tax
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