Plaster Ransom Plasticast 22.7 Kg

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Ransom & Randolph coating products are considered by the most discerning professionals in the investment casting industry to be the highest quality product range, giving the brand a solid reputation within the jewelery industry.

The constant results obtained during the technical research and development processes help the customer to produce the best and most complex investment casting parts.
The secret lies in the excellent quality of the raw material used (cristobalite) obtained from mines in the USA.

Its chemical composition, including setting retarders and grain refiners, generates very smooth and homogeneous surfaces better than any other coating product, offering smooth and trouble-free cleaning.

Ransom & Randolph's Plasticast coating is especially suitable for plastic materials used during 3D rapid prototyping, as well as enabling casting with 3D resin and wax injected parts.

We recommend carefully reading the technical instructions for best performance.
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  • Model: FUN042

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