TWS-3000K Density Scale

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Density scale for testing precious metals with which we can check the carat weight and % of purity. It does not leave stains or scratches on the gold pieces to be tested, nor does it require the use of acids.
Its specifically designed internal software with hydrostatic operation directly and alternately displays both carats and % purity of the gold, as well as the density of the tested metal.
With this last result, we can consult the density table included in the instructions for the density of other noble metals such as silver, platinum, copper or palladium.

NEWS!!! OFFERS THE RESULT IN % WITH THREE DIGITS: 18K = 750 14K = 585 9K = 375

It has a touch screen and automatic temperature control/compensation. You can value any piece of precious metal as long as it does not contain stones, pearls, etc. that you cannot disassemble.
With this system it is also not possible to test hermetic hollow parts.
This density meter can be used as a conventional high precision balance.

Maximum capacity: 3000 gr (see other capacities)
Sensitivity: 0.01 g
Minimum weight for the test: 5 gr
Test range: From 5K to 24K consecutive
Touchscreen and automatic temperature control

Accessories included:
Calibration weight
AC adapter
Instruction manual
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  • Model: BAL016
  • Brand: MATSUHAKU

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